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Kranten Magazins Lektuur
Asre Jadid
Marxism, economie, dari, farsi, pashto, pashtu,women, women rights, children, children rights, social issues, politics, afghan politics, world politics

Kabul Daily
Kabul news and analysis on current news, kabul business, finance, economy, sports and more. searchable news in 44 languages from worldnews network and archive

Kabul Press
Kabul Press

Omaid Weekly
Omaid weekly, the most widely read afghan publication in the world, has effectively become the most influential media of afghanistan. its readership base stretches from san francisco to toronto, london to warsaw, cairo to tashkent, new delhi to beijing, and tokyo to melbourne. the newspaper, currently in its, includes the latest news on afghanistan from omaid weekly reporters and international news agencies, as well as articles, commentaries and analyses by afghanistan's educated class, journalists, intellectuals, technocrats, professionals, educators, religious and tribal leaders, and patriots about afghanistan current affairs, politics, society, religion, culture, traditions and history.

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